Following this evening's announcement that churches are to close for services from midnight on Thursday 5th November we will be unable to hold our annual memorial service on Friday. The last public Mass to be said in the parish will be at 9.30am on Wednesday 4th November. Fr James will still be saying a private Mass every day so all Mass intentions will be honoured. If anybody has any Mass intentions please let us have them.

Our Window Trilogy

The centre window, featuring a cross and a crown, takes its theme from the dedication of our church ‘Christ The King’ – Victory through the Cross, Christ crowned – the Alpha & the Omega- (in use since the 4th century) the beginning & the end.

The left hand window portrays the suffering of Our Saviour – The Crown of Thorns along with the nails of Christ’s crucifixion. INRI – Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews

The right hand window depicts the risen Lord – The candle (Light of the World) & the olive branches (Peace be with you) – the Easter message. The Greek Chi Rho - The monogram of Christ (in use since the 4th century)

The 3 windows were designed Sr Anthony FSM & made & installed by Paul & Maureen Fuller.

The 2 outer windows are dedicated to Jim & Kathleen O’Brien - 2 long standing parishioners, who over many years did lots of valuable voluntary work for the parish.

The centre window is dedicated to Sr Anthony & the Fuller family