As we progress through what will be the strangest Holy Week that we have ever known, we may feel disconnected, as a parish community, from the celebrations that will take place. Be assured that as we are the Body of Christ we are, even when absent, still ensconced liturgically in the Easter celebrations. I shall pray for you all, that we will all get through this dark period and that we will soon be reunited physically, once again, as a parish community.

 Remember that come what may on Easter day we can say with confidence that The Lord has truly Risen.  May God bless you all, take care & stay safe.

Fr James


3rd April 2020. For up to date information regarding streamed Masses etc etc please see our Facebook page Christ The King Catholic Parish, Alfreton, Derbyshire


If any parishioners have any queries or need clarification on any matter they should contact Fr James or Laura Lloyd, the parish administrator

Our Priest


Father James Earley From Sailor to …….. I remember as a young boy in Ireland sitting in the classroom of the local school and marvelling at the map of the world. The maps were there as part of our geography lessons. I didn’t realise then that instead of just dreaming about these far-flung places, one day I would travel to most of them. This came about in a roundabout sort of way. After leaving school I decided to study hotel management and eventually found myself working at the Dorchester Hotel in London.

In the fullness of time I got itchy feet and asked a friend: How do you travel & still remain in the hotel business? I learned that one could do this by travelling on passenger ships and I wrote to the P&O Line, as they were known then. After a successful interview and medical I sailed on my first voyage, leaving Southampton bound for Australia. The ship was called the Oronsay and she was the first of many ships in the P&O fleet that I would sail on.

This was the beginning of a wonderful experience for me. In the old days, before the concept of ‘cruise holidays’, a ship would stay about a week in port giving us all an opportunity to really get to know the places we visited. Life on board was good and there was a great sense of community. I was promoted quickly, because of my hotel training, eventually becoming Fleet Maitre D’Hotel.

I have many happy memories of people I met and places I visited. I worked on eight world cruises, visiting many beautiful places and some wonderful cities in all continents. I travelled the world from Alaska to Africa, visited all European countries that had a port, travelled from China to Russia, Australia to Kobe, Singapore to Penang, Vancouver to New York, Tonga to Suva in the Pacific Isles and visited many more places.

During my travels I experienced many different cultures and religions and met some wonderful and interesting people, even sitting down with North American Indians. All in all it was a wonderful experience. You might be asking how I came to leave my travelling behind and became a Catholic Priest? Well that is a story for another time. But life on board a cruise ship gets you used to living in community and was a great preparation for my present role as parish priest in this community. But when I think back to that little classroom with the world map on the wall I am grateful that map became very much alive for me. .