The Parish Pastoral Council is an advisory and consultative body to the Parish Priest, who act for the good of the Parish. More specifically:

a. Primarily, to encourage all to take part in the spiritual and liturgical life of the Parish. From time to time this may also include more practical matters but in a supervisory role.

b. To build the idea “We are the Parish Family”.

c. To co-ordinate Pastoral ideas, suggestions and projects between Parish, Deanery and Diocesan groups.

d. To bring different Parish organisations and groups together.

The PPC meet every other month

Wednesday May 17th – Alfreton

Wednesday July 19th AGM – Clay Cross

Wednesday September 20th – Alfreton

Wednesday November 15th – Clay Cross

Parish Council Members

Sister Margaret Caroline Rodgers Claire Smith Deacon Mike Browne
Francis O 'Brien Tony Davey Pru Williams Steph Gannon


Catherine Washbourne           Mandy Higton            Valerie Inja          Laura Lloyd